The Lifestyle

The NECF Lifestyle Challenge is a 6 week commitment to improving your health through proper nutrition, exercise, hydration and sleep. We use all of these lifestyle factors and have created a point-based guideline to help our members reach their goals. We begin the challenge by doing a physical assessment using the InBody 270 and we take “before” pictures so you can see your progress at the end. Then based off of your goals (fat-loss or muscle-gain) we give you a macro-nutrient breakdown (protein, carbs and fats) for the amount you should be eating to accomplish your goal. We encourage all participants to use our NECF Lifestyle Log to keep track of their goals. After the 7 weeks, we do another physical assessment with the InBody 270  and take your “after” pictures.

This year’s winners will be the top male and female who have the biggest positive change in bodyfat percentage (-) and skeletal muscle mass (+) based on the InBody assessment. We are also having a separate winner for the NECF Lifestyle Journal based on the highest number of points scored in the 7 weeks.


Participants of The NECF Lifestyle Challenge will receive:

– Personalized macro-nutrient breakdowns, based on their goal
– Journal to keep track of points
– Before and After physical assessment on the InBody 270
– Access to our private Facebook group for on-going support
– Weekly follow-ups

I always knew what foods are good and bad, but I could never make sustainable changes to my eating habits. I would try a diet for a few months, lose the weight and gain it back again, plus more. The NECF Lifestyle Challenge provided the tools, structure, discipline and community to successfully change how I eat and fuel my body. In the beginning you have to “trust the process” and trust that the coaches know what they are talking about. The fact that you go to the box and there are other people who are going through the same thing as you gives you comfort and you have somebody to share the pain with. The Facebook group is priceless, especially when it’s 10:00 PM and you still need 30 grams of protein to hit your macros for the day or you’re getting tired of eating grilled chicken breast every day for your protein source and you need new recipe ideas. After a few weeks in, your pants start fitting a little bit looser, you’re energy level is up and you get the hang of food prepping. 
I participated in three consecutive NECF Lifestyle Challenges. After each challenge, I would lose weight and body fat, increase muscle mass and more importantly some habits would stick with me after the challenge is over. In the last Lifestyle Challenge I was able to lose 3.4% of body fat and most importantly have been able for the most part to maintain the majority of the habits created during the challenge. If you are serious about taking control of your nutrition and are ready to put in the work necessary, the NECF Lifestyle Challenge is the way to go. Remember to trust the process.

Jim K