The Challenge

The NECF Lifestyle Challenge is a 7 week commitment to improving your health through proper nutrition, exercise, hydration and sleep. We use all of these lifestyle factors and have created a point-based guideline to help our clients reach their goals. We begin the challenge by doing a physical assessment and pictures. Then based off of your goals we give you a macro-nutrient breakdown (protein, carbs and fats) on the amount you should be eating to accomplish your goal). We’ve done about half a dozen Lifestyle Challenges at NECF in the past and something new that we are going to implement is doing the physical assessment off of our new body composition scale, the InBody 270. It gives bodyfat %, skeletal mass and some other really gnarly health markers. Read more about our body composition analyzer here

Coach Debbie leads the challenge and keeps up with everyone throughout the challenge. Lifestyle challenge participants also get access to a private Facebook group which is a fantastic support system.