How do I measure?

  • You can buy a cheap food measuring scale at GNC. You can even get a nice fancy one at bestbuy, target and those types of stores.

Some things to help?

– There are some really cool apps out to help you keep track of everything. Many people use “My Fitness Pal” to help them find out the calories and macro-nutrients of foods they eat. We will also make a Facebook group so you all can connect and share experiences, recipes, advice, struggles etc.

Why not the measurements, weights and other methods of mesure?

– Your weight by itself is not the most accurate determinant of body composition change. Tape measure and bodyfat calipers are great, however there is room for human error. Our new method of using bodyfat % with the InBody 270 is most accurate for determining a change in body composition.

Why the scoring system?

– Depending on your goal, you may not be trying to lose weight. Therefore the scoring system rewards those for following the lifestyle. My theory is if you follow the lifestyle for the entire 8 weeks, magical things are going to happen.

What if I am away?

– Tough cookie. You now have the knowledge. Do your best.

My energy levels feel down what should I do?

– It is typical for many to experience low energy levels in the first 2 weeks. Your body is switching its metabolic engines to become more fat dependent (using fat as a primary fuel source, while sparring glycogen aka carbs). Hang with it and you will start to feel better going into the 3rd week. Alternatively, you could up your carbohydrate slightly.

Are there cheat days?

– You can cheat as much as you want. You just won’t receive your Paleo bonus point. Just stay within your macronutrient and caloric ranges.

What if I have 20 beers? Does that count as 20 cheats (-19pts)?

– Yes. And you should probably seek AA.

What about wine and tequila?

  • Although wine in moderation is considered okay by most Paleo practitioners, I am not allowing it at all. I think that rule is stupid. No alcohol for 8 weeks!

What can I have in my coffee?

– Anything you want. Be sure to measure and count macro-nutrients!

Is this Paleo?

The Don’ts

  • Bread, pasta, grains, oatmeal, couscous, and other weird grain things
  • Legumes such as beans and peanuts
  • Dairy- Yes even for your coffee!
  • Sugar! Absolutely not!
  • Alcohol, not even wine
  • Diet soda
  • Artificial sweeteners

The Do’s

This may not be on board with traditional Paleo nutrition or challenges. But my challenge = my rules!

  • Bacon and other fatty meat
  • Coffee
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Eggs (yes the yolks too!)