How To Measure & Track Food

  • Step 1: Buy measuring tools
  •  Step 2: Figure out your portions
    • Based on your individual macros
    • A good starting point is knowing your serving size for basic foods
  • Step 3: Accuracy
    • Weigh everything over measuring
    • Convert into ounce(oz) or grams(g)
    • Here is a calculator:
  • Step 4: Record
    • Use My Fitness Pal app to record
    • My Fitness Pal app guide HERE
  • Step 5: Plan Ahead
    • Once you have figured out your portions, record a full days meals/snacks before you eat them in My Fitness Pal app
    • This will be the easiest way to know if you are hitting your numbers
    • Guessing throughout the day will most likely leave you scrambling to fill in the macro gaps