The Rules

Each participant may choose to follow the Lifestyle Challenge scoring log to keep track of their progress. We highly encourage that our participants take advantage of this! The LC scoring log will be given, along with your individual macro-nutrients before the challenge. The better you follow your log, the greater chances of success you will have. This year, the LC scoring log will be OPTIONAL. We are going to have a separate scoring log winner, but it will not be essential for everyone to submit. In order to be eligible for winning the scoring log challenge, you must submit your log each week.

The Lifestyle Challenge will be based off of the honor system. If someone is caught cheating or being dishonest, he or she will not be part of the competition. The scores from the LC log will be due every Tuesday before 8pm. Late submissions will be -10pts.  Each week we will send out a survey, via Google Form, to reflect on the past week. It is our way of staying in tune with everyone who is participating in the challenge.

This year’s winners will be the male and female who have the biggest positive change in bodyfat percentage and skeletal mass. You can view more details on exactly how that is scored here:

The scoring log will go as follows:

Add a point (1) next to each category that you successfully completed:

8+ hours of sleep At least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep
Exercise Max of 3 points per week. All WODs have to be done at NECF. Workouts on your own or at another gym or affiliate do not count
Protein hit within 10g of given range (over or under)
Carbs hit within 10g of given range (over or under)
Fat hit within 10g of given range (over or under)
Paleo Consider this like a bonus point. If you ate 100% Paleo for the day, you have earned yourself a point (1). This means: no grains, diary, legumes, processed sugars, alcohol etc.
No Alcohol No wine, tequila or any other alcoholic beverage. Each alcohol cheat is -1. Example: 5 cheats for the “No alcohol” category would be (0,-1,-2,-3,-4)
Hydration If you drink at least 0.5oz of water per pound of bodyweight give yourself a point (1)